stwAn explanation for the title/ blog.

This song lyric has been revolving around my head for a while now. It’s from the Stone Roses song ‘what the world is waiting for’.

I have recently been diagnosed with depression and I feel like this is a pretty fitting lyric for how I feel most days.

I have always found it so hard to talk about my feelings and since my diagnosis, I feel like everyone is looking for an explanation – including myself. So far, this is the best way I found to explain it.  I feel like I can’t cope with the world turning at the moment. I just want it to stop while my head catches up.

While I can’t ‘stop the world’ as such, I thought I would try and make it a habit of spending a little part of each day writing something down about my day. After all, this depression business isn’t easy to get your head around. I guess that’s the problem.

Positive of today: I first tried to make a phone call to arrange some counselling three weeks ago. Today, I did it.