It’s time for a new post and this one is inspired by the greatest talent show I’ve ever been to!

The show was called ‘ICE2016 Showcase’ standing for International Cultural Exchange showcase. It was run by my most recent workplace, Lancaster University Students’ Union and included performances from students from 6 different countries (India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Ghana, China and the UK).

What I loved about it was how supportive everyone was of one another. There was a really touching moment towards the end where the Pakistani and Indian students had a dance off but at least half of the audience ended up on stage with them. At the beginning of the performance it addressed how there is this idea that Pakistani and Indians do not get along and they wanted to prove everyone wrong.

There was also some great moments, for example when a very talented woman from China was singing ‘California King Bed’ by Rihanna and the music cut out part way through and despite it all going a bit Pete Tong, she carried on regardless. The audience sang along, clapped, waved their hands and gave her a standing ovation at the end.

I thought it was all going to be a bit more X Factor rejects than actual Britain’s got Talent but every single of the performances was so heartwarming and fantastic that I’m quite glad that I took about a million videos on my phone because I want to relive it all again.

If you have me on snapchat, you can check out my story until about 9pm tonight (03/08) to see what I’m talking about or go onto the LUSU website where I’m sure LA1TV filmed the whole thing.


Finally, I wanted to just touch on my last post and say something I should have acknowledged before. If you compare the post ‘Turn It Off’ and ‘Teach Week’ you’ll see some huge differences in my attitude towards my job. What I should have said in the Teach Week post was the reason I thought I couldn’t do my job, why I was messing up and why I was unable to do my job was because of the depression and not because I wasn’t very good at it (like I previously thought).

It’s really easy to believe that you are useless, a burden and a general liability when you have depression but what you must remember is that you are ill. If you had a broken leg or a brain tumour you equally wouldn’t be able to do your job. It’s debilitating. I want to acknowledge that now before I start my new job in a couple of weeks time because I am seriously quite good at what I do and I am really proud of what I did both while I had depression but especially in recovery.

Positive thought of the day: On the launch of the blog (yesterday) 102 people visited the site, from 9 different countries, and the site received 359 views in total. That’s bloody crazy!