A post dedicated to my work best friend and top belter of this tune, Amy Goodwin. 

A bit of context: 
Every day, Amy and I would sing this song to each other. We described it as our ‘feel good’, ‘inspirational’ song that would remind us of what we had achieved that day (even if we had been sat on my butt for most of it).

I said I wanted to continue this blog to celebrate my achievements of what I have done since being diagnosed with depression and so excuse me for what is going to be a not-so-humble brag of everything I have done in the past six months.

Here goes…
1. Designed and delivered a session on Korean and Chinese culture to a bunch of Year 8’s despite knowing nothing about it
2. Entertained over 40 Year 3’s and 4’s with the game SPLAT while we were waiting for another school to arrive
3. Had my first ever afternoon tea with my Mum (very posh)
4.Marbled a pot
5. Made a paper model of Shakespeare’s Globe (this is far more impressive than it sounds)
6. Attended my first ever Roses
7. Got super into Eurovision
8. Designed a full on treasure hunt for my colleagues last day before she got married
9. Attended my first ever gay wedding
10. Climbed to the top of a castle
11. Danced with a  load of little girls at a Little Mix gig
12. Applied for tonnes of jobs and had 6 interviews, attended 4, 2 were successful!
13. Lost two of the most important people in the world and didn’t slip back into depression mode (somehow)
14. Went to see The Stone Roses is Manchestaaa
15. Spoke at my Grandad’s funeral
16. Went to the Sugarhouse for the first time
17. Won a bet at the horse races
18. Learned that Doncaster is actually a cracking night out
19. Designed and delivered Teach Week to 650 pupils with the help of 20 brilliant students
20. Got my comic book drawing of Macbeth professionally printed and handed out to 250 kids
21. Visited Tynemouth beach and threw up everywhere
22. Became an aunty for the first time!
23. Went to Benicassim music festival in Spain
24. Tackled the biggest water slide at the water park
25. Volunteered at a music festival and got put on the VIP Guestlist
26. Pied off a professional footballer for his phone number (soz)
27. Went to watch the darts and realised that it is the funnest thing ever
28. Met the Queen
29. Watched the Hobbit at Williamson Park
30. Played Rounders and actually hit the ball
31. Left my amazing job
32. Agreed to live with a boy
33. Learnt that mixing cocktails and jagerbombs makes everyone feel a bit squiggly in the morning
34. Learnt that Warrington is both the best and strangest night out you can have
35. Learnt I can’t ride a Segway board
36. Changed a nappy for the first time
37. Learnt that babies properly poo
38. Attended the International Cultural Exchange showcase and realised that some people are far more talented than I am
39. Volunteered for the air ambulance UK
40. Wrote a blog

Well.. that’s not bad for 6 months of depression hey?

Positive of the day: I feel pretty bloody proud of myself today.