A dedication to one of the best social enterprises of all time. 

The Blurt Foundation is a social enterprise that is dedicated to helping those with depression. It does this in a number of ways:

First of all, it provides information, guidance and advice on depression and how to get self-help. It equally provides a fantastic opportunity to spread some love and joy with the monthly ‘Buddy Boxes’.


Each month they put together a box of nice things aimed to spoil, surprise and treat someone special whether that be yourself, a friend, a family member or just someone you want to say thank you to. I’ve sent two to two friends of mine – once to say thank you and secondly to cheer up a friend in need.

They also provide emotional support though a private support group on Facebook. I have ‘blurted’ many times to this group who have all joined because they are also suffering with depression. The group offers advice and support by commenting on each others blurts with words of love and comfort to show each other that we are not alone.

This group is private for a reason and if you are interested in joining, it can be found on the website quite subtly placed amongst the support section so it does not become over crowded or a place for people to speculate. Everyone in the group actively supports one another and that’s why I call them my ‘Blurt Family’.

I am forever proud to have this second family in my life because there have been certain times over the past 6 months where they have been the only outlet I felt I had.

Please support this fantastic organisation by doing one of 3 things:
1. Like them on social media
2. Pledge a small donation
3. Make someones day and buy a Buddy Box

Positive of the day: I’ve just found that Blurt have a Blurt Read group on Facebook. I’ve always wanted to be part of a reading group (geeky I know)!