One of the reasons I started this blog was because I received a silly amount of positive messages after revealing that I had depression over Facebook to my Facebook friends.

Something that really stuck with me was a message that a young and inspiring woman called Sarah said to me, ‘thanks for sharing your post about mental health. I’m sure you were flooded with responses, but it was such a courageous thing to do and so so necessary in this time of unattainable social media “perfection”!

Now, I was scared to reveal that I actually wasn’t as ‘okay’ as I made out on my social media but I would never have really described it as ‘courageous’. Sarah however is a devout Catholic who regularly blogs about her life as a young Catholic woman, something in this age of religious scepticism and spreading atheism is something that I think is incredible. If you want to read her blog, click away:

sassy catholic

Anyway, it got me thinking… perhaps if people were more open and transparent about what they actually did in ‘real-non-social-media-life’, then perhaps we wouldn’t feel so negative about ourselves as we scroll through Facebook on a Saturday night.

I’ve put together a list, inspired by the REM song, ‘Everybody Hurts’, to remind people of what ‘everybody’ does (even though they might not want to admit it)…


  • hurts
  • cries
  • feels insecure
  • farts
  • burps
  • sits in on a Friday night
  • embarrasses themselves
  • has a night they’d rather forget
  • poops
  • gets their period (girls only)
  • makes mistakes
  • fails
  • feels lost
  • panics
  • doesn’t have a plan
  • wishes they were someone else
  • wishes they could turn back time
  • pretends to be okay when they’re not
  • poops
  • thinks they can sing when they totally can’t (karaoke is evidence)
  • regrets
  • falls in love
  • gets their heartbroken
  • flirts
  • lies
  • has moments of absolute genius
  • has moments of absolute stupidity
  • mourns
  • does absolutely nothing
  • posts something on social media that isn’t 100% true
  • takes a hit to their mental health


So in the words of Sarah, be courageous and don’t feel you have to live up to the age of social media ‘perfection’ because everybody does a lot of stuff that they wouldn’t dare put on social media and we are all human after all, so don’t strive to be anything other than yourselves!

Positive of the day: I have started freelance writing and I love it!