Hello everyone,

I thought I’d do a bit more of a generic post just updating everyone of the set of random events that have lead to me being ridiculously and unexpectedly busy this week.

Last week, I was full of a cold, however it did not stop me from ploughing through my day and trying to make the most of my last 3 weeks in the North.

  • I met with my best friends twice in a week – an actual bonus for someone who is terrible at a) texting back and b) making plans.
  • I changed my first ever nappy and had the cutest day as ‘Aunty Lauren’. We also went for a lovely meal for my Uncle’s birthday where baby Lucy was an absolute angel and I saw PNE player – Bailey Wright (means nothing to no-one unless you like Preston North End or the Australian national team).
  • My Dad saw Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor (16 times darts champion) buying a carpet. I think that’s pretty cool – some would disagree.
  • The football season started again – Thank. The. Lord. My Fantasy Football team has been assembled and my betting money for the next 4 weeks is in my SkyBet account. Also super Joey Garner is now the SkyBet advert feature with my favourite goal of all time against Rotherham 2 years ago.
  • I became an actual paid writer. No actually! Probably my biggest news at the moment – all from starting this blog a week ago, I’ve now made £70 from just writing! I wish I could see my Year 10 English classes face now. Why do you need English Miss? Because it makes you £70 in 2 days when you’re really skint.
  • I did a car boot and made £66. Things it taught me = people will literally buy anything if it’s a pound.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m going to Oxford for a few days on Thursday but I’m hoping to be able to write when I’m out there so here’s to another crazy ass week!

Enjoy Everyone!

Positive of the day: I’m just gonna pick my favourite from the ones above. I am an ‘unofficial’ but actually official aunty!