For 23 years and 11 months, I have put on a  pretence that I’m cool and cultured. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible liar and anyone who knows me even slightly knows that I’m certainly not cool and I’m working on the cultured part.

Whenever I’ve had a hard, long day, there’s nothing I love more than to watch some seriously terrible television. Here is a list of series that I suggest you invest in right away, and I promise – no brain cells will be harmed in the process…

1) Are You The One?
The Premise: 20 single people, all ‘scientifically matched together’, they must find their match by Week 10 and they’ll get 1million dollars. The catch, they will know each week how many matches they get – but not who their matches are! IT’S FANTASTIC.

Literally my favourite thing of all time. It’s Love Island, but American and 10x better.

2) Judge Rinder
The Premise: An extremely sassy judge judges people in a very sassy way.

Every day when I signed off at work, I would nap from 1-2 because Judge Rinder was on at 2. That’s how good it is!

3) Geordie Shore/ Ex On The Beach
The Premise: (Geordie Shore) Geordies get drunk, have sex and argue.
The Premise: (EOTB) People get drunk, have sex and argue then they’re ex’s arrive and they argue some more.

It’s just too entertaining. There’s some fantastic one liners and a lot of moments to avoid watching with your Mum.

4) Millionaire Matchmaker
The Premise: Arrogant millionaires cannot find love because everyone wants their money. A loud American insists she can find it for them and makes people change their appearance until they suit the millionaires.

It is a terrible premise and no one should ever listen to Patty but it is so entertaining.

5) Blue Mountain State
The Premise: American college football team plays football/ does outrageous college stuff.

I hated this so much at first but turns out with a little persistance it’s actually pretty funny  but just totally sexist. Give your inner feminist a rest for a few hours and tut at it afterwards.

So give your brain a rest and enjoy the best trash telly has to offer!

Positive of the day: Tonight we’re going to watch Peter Pan!