Anyone who is under 5 foot 4 will know, being short is actually not that fun. I am constantly battling my height and the inconveniences it brings to my life.

I’ve actually managed to assemble a quite detailed list of why being short sucks so next time someone turns around and says to me ‘oh I wish I was your size’, I can politely refer them to this article and tell them to fuck off.

  1. You are constantly referred to as cute.
    I am a 23 year old woman, not a teddy bear. Yes, once is fine. Twice is okay but THERE IS A WHOLE DICTIONARY OF ADJECTIVES TO REFER TO ME AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN CUTE!teddy.gif
  2. Putting on weight.
    For some reason, my weight fluctuates weekly. When I have lost a few pounds, no one notices, when I have put on a few pounds my Grandma starts calling me tubby.
    It’s far more noticeable in short people and no I can not shop in the children’s section.
  3. Clothes
    Jeans, dresses and skirts are particular nightmares. First of all if there’s a petit section in the shop then it’s a rarity, secondly if they have your size it’s a miracle. No I’m not a size 4 – I’m 5 foot 2 and a 12! We exsist!
  4. Hugs
    People don’t just hug short people, they insist on lifting you up and spinning you around. Now, while this may seem like a very ‘cute’ and intimate thing to do, it is actually quite traumatic. Usually, you are lifted from the bum lifting any skirt or dress you are wearing to above the bum cheek flashing your dignity away. The squeeze is usually tighter than we’d prefer leaving us winded and unable to scream for help.
  5. Gigs
    Ha. Did you see Muse last night? Well I was there but I didn’t see a thing. I’d totally be the person who is stood behind the 6ft2 person as well.ohwell.gif
    So there you have it, 5 serious reasons why being short actually sucks. We’d love to grow, we really would.

    Positive of the day: I have bought lots of cute things for me and Matt’s none existent house.