Tonight was the first night that I thought, I’m leaving home in 3 days and that kinda sucks! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to live with Matt and it’s really is the best thing to do but it doesn’t mean it’s not a scary prospect! 

The thing with life is it’s full of change. Some change we expect, plan and choose. Some change is thrown upon us without warning and it can make us feel uneasy and mourn for the past or how things were.

I’ve been saying lots of goodbyes this week which really does suck. However, I’m hoping life down south prompts lots of friendly ‘hellos’ and I meet some new friends to.

I’ve always felt like I’ve never been that settled and haven’t got a proper home. However I was wrong, Lancashire is my home and I will miss it dearly.

With all change though, we must embrace it and adapt so I’m looking forward to creating my own (dare I say) grown up home! 

So I’ll let out a big sigh and mourn for Lancashire and everyone in it, but I will also take a deep breath and get ready to take on the South!

Here we go… ✌🏻️