Once every four years, we are blessed with a strange and confusing fever called ‘The Olympics’.

In between these 4 years, I will probably run maybe 10 times maximum. Half of those times will be running for a bus or a train. I will hurdle once (over a wall), vault twice (over a bollard, fail once), attempt a handstand or headstand four to five times (let’s face it, it’s fun) and think about how I should do more exercise at least once a month.

exercise.gif                                             This is basically me doing exercise in dog form.

However, the Olympics comes along and suddenly, I’m looking into gym memberships, walking an extra lap around the block home and thinking ‘wow, I’d love to have the body of that gymnast, maybe I should actually do some exercise’.

Now don’t worry, for those of you who know me, have no fear – I am still as unhealthy and unfit as ever. This is clearly a phase that has been started by Olympic fever. Though it is one of the many reasons why I love it.

Here are a few more reasons:

1) Celebrating Success
Have you noticed that the news now starts with positive success stories?! I can actually watch the news and not despair at the world because humans are being celebrated and are doing something good. I love the Olympics because whether we win or lose, people are still celebrated and commended for how hard they’ve worked. I wish we would do that more often as humans.

2) The Emotion
My God, the emotion of the Olympics. Did anyone else cry when Louis Smith started crying yesterday? I had a tiny tear just hiding in the corner of my eye because it meant so much to him. It’s like the film Coach Carter, apart from there are so many people to empathise with. The ups and downs of the Olympics makes you so invested in these athletes. It’s brilliant!

3) The Judging
Now, I have never watched diving in my life, but 10 minutes of synchronised diving and I was commenting on how far away they were from the board, their angle of impact and of course the mighty splash. I don’t half love the Olympics for making me feel like I know a lot more about sport than I actually do.

4) Having Something to Watch on TV at all times!
When there’s nothing on telly, we don’t just switch it off. We mindlessly watch repeats of The Big Bang Theory, or watch some police chase show and we’re not enjoying it, we’re hardly watching it. However, the Olympics is great because it’s on all day and particularly in that 6-7 O’clock time slot when there is nothing decent on TV.

5) It Inspires
If I walk down to my local park right now, I guarantee 4-5 little people are having a running race. There are a couple of little ones on the monkey bars pretending their a gymnast and a few adults have dusted off the bicycles and have decided to go for a ride for the first time in years. The Olympics inspires people to try new things and to exercise again. You never know, I might even join that gym I was talking about.

So there you have it, my 5 reasons to love the Olympics. My final, not so conventional reason is the rings look like donuts, and I love donuts!

Positive of the day: My best friend isn’t very well which means I have all day to write, write, write!