Last night I learnt the meaning of SIW.

It stands for Strong Independent Woman and I love this concept. Now, I don’t mean that we should all be single and doing the power salute every time we see one another. It just means, that we put ourselves first, we can stand on our own two feet and we make decisions that don’t degrade us, or doesn’t harm our dignity.

I’m so proud of all my female friends, because I honestly think I’m surrounded by a group of SIW’s. However, if you feel like maybe you don’t fit this category quite yet, here’s a few things I suggest you can do to regain your independence:

1) Be Assertive
If you need something, go and get it. The more easily you can meet your own emotional needs, the more you will understand what you need in a relationship and when to turn around and say ‘this isn’t right!?’.

2) Stand Up For Yourself
Don’t be ashamed or apologetic about anything you do (unless you’ve genuinely done something wrong). If someone has done something to upset you then tell them about it. Tell them how it makes you feel and why you don’t deserve to be treated like that.
Learn to say no – I spent many years being a doormat and doing things because I was too nice to say no, then one day I realised, it wasn’t a two way street. All the friends that took advantage of my kindness are no longer my friends anymore and I’m so much better for it.

3) Don’t Compete Or Compare
Women spend so much time taking each other down by looking up to someone (probably an airbrushed celebrity) and commenting on ‘real people’ and how bad they look or who they’ve slept with recently. We spend so much time comparing ourselves physcically  to unattainable role models. We spend the rest of our time competing amongst one another and putting each other down. A real SIW would embrace their beauty and their strengths and know they don’t need to compete. They can admire, but they shouldn’t compare because they are a SIW who is independent from everyone else.

4) Believe In Yourself
An SIW doesn’t just dream, she makes it happen because she goes out and works for it. She knows she can achieve her dreams because she’s got all the qualities needed to make those dreams into a reality.

5) Celebrate Other Women
An SIW is strong and independent but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t also respect and celebrate other women. She is codependent on her friends and not a man. You should compliments others and not tear them down with cheap jibes, you will feel better for it and other women will respect you for it too.

A woman who can admire and celebrate other women ultimately becomes part of their success. Be inspired by one another ladies, we are pretty awesome after all. Tell ’em B…


Positive of the day: I spent the night with two of my SIW best friends last night and I get to see two more today. Admittedly one of them is a SIM but I don’t mind 🙂