Today is the day… the day I leave the North for the foreseeable future.

It’s been somewhat of an emotional week with temporary goodbyes,  cuddles with the cat and a lot of comfort food.

Last week I did an ode to the North about all the things I’d miss. Today, I’m going to continue it with a few more specifics!

Things I’m going to miss about the North:

1) My Dad
My Dad is 100% my rock. He’s the person I will look to for advice, I know would be by my side in seconds if I needed him and the person that no man can ever live up to. When I moved back home last year, I was really worried about living together because well – I was a 22 year old about to move home again and he had just spent four years having the house to himself. It was a pretty smooth living situation and I have no idea why I was worried. I will miss his humour, his cooking, his wisdom but most of all, just him!

2) My Mum
My Mum is my best friend. We literally love and annoy each other simultaneously but in the past few years, we’ve put the annoying to one side and just grown this absolute mutual respect. She is a terrible cook and always forgets to put sugar in my tea but I can let her off. She is one of the most beautiful people I know, both inside and out and even though she doesn’t believe it she deserves all the happiness in the world.

3) My Babas
This is a nickname adopted in college by my best friends from school. These ladies have been in my life since I was 11 but we discovered our real friendship a little later on. These girls are the S.I.W’s I was talking about in my previous post and are the girls that will constantly pick me up when I’m down or just guarantee that I’ll have a great Friday night. You ladies better be planning your trip to Surrey pretty soon because I miss you already.

4) My Non-Gay Best Friend
Ben and I have been friends since year 7 and the lack of intimacy in our relationship means that really he should be my gay best friend. He has a combination of the sassiest and sweetest heart and will always listen to me moan. He takes the piss out of me constantly and is always there when I need him most.

5) My Ex
I’m so thankful that my ex is still in my life. He is the one person that I can tell anything to with absolutely no judgement. He has such a lighthearted way of looking at life and is the first person to remind me that ‘shit happens’. I really will miss him and I will be back to kidnap his dog soon.

6) My Cat
I mean, look at him… He’s just so cute!

So there is my ode to the North part 2 and the beautiful people in it.Everyone better stay in touch and be ready for me to pounce on you all on my return.

I love you all!

Positive of the day: After 2 years of long distance, me and my boyfriend are finally moving in together today!