I recently read an article titled ‘How does people’s generosity around the world compare?‘and it presented some interesting statistics:

The UK came 4th in monetary donations. Very admirable and it proves that we’re quite a charitable country.

However, when it came to the number of people who give their time to volunteering, the UK did not even hit the top 10. They equally did not hit the top 10 for ‘helping a stranger’.

I think it’s brilliant that we donate so much money to charity but I equally think that generosity can come in so many forms. Helping a stranger says a lot about how people respond to need. It is no surprise in times of absolute crisis, like the refugee crisis or a natural disaster, that donations to charity increases.

However, what we need is people willing to give just a little bit of their time to help one another. One thing I love about the concept of ‘socialism’, is that everyone is treated equally. I’m not saying that we should become a socialist society but I think there’s a lot we should be taking from the values of socialism. For example, we should acknowledge that we are only as strong as our weakest person or we are only as rich as our poorest person.

It’s about sharing our wealth, our skills and our kindness and if there’s one question I want you to think about in this article, it’s how generous are you?

Positive of the day: I wrote this yesterday, so this is technically my first full day living in the South. I assume I like it? Check back tomorrow for a more acurate happiness-in-the-South t