So it is absolutely no coincidence that I ended up working for an educational charity! Nothing gets me angrier than educational inequality. The basics of my anger come down to two simple stats:

95% of those who went to an indendent school will go onto university compared to just 28% of those on free school meals. Is that not ridiculous? Equally ridiculous, some of the most affluent pupils in the country are set to earn £200,000 more than their poorest peers by the time they become ‘middle aged’.

Now, I’m not making these stats up. It sounds crazy and also made up but it’s not. It’s 100% true and it’s affecting every single child in this county.

I feel angry that my education wasn’t as good as someone who went to an independent school. I’m mad that I didn’t get to study philosophy because it wasn’t on the state curriculum. I’m mad – but I had a pretty good education. Unfortunately a good education happens more by chance than a guarantee.

Our education system is built on elitist values and data-drive results. It’s an exam factory and every kid up until the age of 16 is being put through it.

I am a lefty at heart and believe that everybody deserves the same opportunities regardless of what money their parents have in the bank! I’m mad about it and I’m working for a charity that is looking to even out the field of opportunities for young people.

angerPositive of the day: My old year 10 class did really well in their GCSE results today! I’m so proud of them!