Yesterday was my first day at my new job and it was great. Everyone was lovely, my job seems really exciting and I got cake on my first day. Absolutely no complaints.

Well, one. Just one tiny complaint… It’s nothing to do with the job really, it’s more to do with how I get there and back. The dreaded commute.

I observed a few things on my commute yesterday:

  1. No one speaks (particularly in the morning) ever
  2. No one smiles
  3. No one cares if your disabled, pregnant or elderly
  4. No one seems to care about anyone else but themselves

I mean the last one may be a little harsh but it felt so true. Maybe I was extra observant because I was feeling particularly cheery and excited about my new job and was blindly smiling at everyone I met but it just felt so… miserable.

As someone who has had depression, I should be used to miserable, but I accept when I make myself miserable, not when some total strangers make me feel miserable.

I decided there were two ways I could look at this and I will be taking the more positive outlook on this for now:
1) The more faces you meet, the more you can ignore them, get your head down and do your own thing.
2) The more faces you meet, the more that can make or break your day… or you can make theirs! I am not going to stop smiling because it’s not ‘the done thing’ in London. That’s stupid and I’m sure on one of these commutes, sooner or later, someone will smile back.
I’d rather try and make someones day than let someone suck the happiness out of mine.

It’s all about perspective, and on my London commute, I’m gonna pretend I’m on a Sheffield bus just going about my life and smiling at everyone I meet (well at least for this week).
Positive of the day: My NUS card doesn’t run out until October so I’ve just got a student gym membership!