Anger is one of those things that drives people to do stupid or brilliant things. Not often do we can angry about something and sit seething to ourselves (okay, maybe sometimes we do but we only feel better when we take some sort of action).

Anger often is a result of a mix of other emotions. Sadness, confusion, feeling neglected or undervalued and many more. I wanted to start writing a few posts with this particular theme that I’m going to call ‘Get mad about’.

There are some things in life, some injustices and mistreatments of human beings and things around us that should make us mad. In fact, if it doesn’t, it makes me very sad that we just ignore some things that are so important and we’ve just learnt to accept them.

I have a few ideas, but if you think of anymore please let me know…

In the meantime, I’m going to stew over ‘get mad about education’ which will be the first post in this series!

Positive of the day: After writing about how little we volunteer as a country, I found out that my work offers one days bonus leave known as ‘volunteer day’ so you can volunteer wherever you like and give something back! How cool is that?!