I’ve been commuting to London for the grand total of the week and I’m already this pissed off! 

In the 5 days I’ve had to get a train, I’ve had 3 cancelled, 2 delayed and the rest just packed from one end to the next. Southern are planning two days of strike action next week and I genuinely don’t know how I can experience a worse train service.

Now, all this traingate thing was quite amusing seeing Jeremy Corbyn vs Richard Branson in a battle of wills but whether he got a seat or not, JC had a point before the media tried to tear him apart (again)… Train services in the UK are pretty appalling. 

We have some of the most expensive trains in Europe and one of the least reliable services. Honestly, go to Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest and watch them count down their trains to the second. Boom – on time.

We somehow think it’s fine that train companies are making mass profit while customers are seeing prices go up annually every year. 

I totally agree with Corbyn that the trains should be brought back into public ownership, however, I seriously doubt we can afford to buy them out since their making SO MUCH MONEY FROM US.

Rant over. I’ll just continue to stand on this train and sulk.

Positive of the day: I’m starting the flat hunt properly today! Very exciting!