So today I volunteered to be a ‘happy officer’ at work which I think is a little like social sec (so I gather). It was really nice because a couple of people said I’d be good at it, but it only occurred to me about 2 hours later as I was on another delayed train, the irony of an person who suffered with depression only 6 months ago, being a happy officer.

Everyone stared at me on the train as I had a little giggle and smiled to myself (because obviously no one smiles down here) but it made me really bloody happy!

I was talking to Matt the other day and it’s almost like I’ve forgotten about that part of the year. I was saying what a good year it’s been and Matt looked at me with a rather confused smile as I realised what this year has actually been like.

To summarise: diagnosed with depression, lost two grandparents in a week, moved to the south and started a new job.

If you look at it that way, then maybe it wasn’t that good but maybe it makes the highs of the year seem so much higher.For example, living down here makes every day I spend with Matt seem like a bonus because we’re so used to being apart. Every time I see my little cousin Lucy (I’m her unofficial aunty), I can feel the joy filling up inside me.

All in all, I think I’m pretty qualified to be a happy officer because – 1) I know how shitty it is to feel unhappy 2) I’m pretty damn happy at the moment and would quite like that to be felt by everyone else I know!


Positive of the day: We’ve just been to our first house viewing and we might actually have found something affordable.