it can make or break your day.”

This post is inspired by Rebecca Ryan (formerly Dooley – congratulations) and is the first of recommended topics by some of my Facebook friends following the I can’t get no Blogspiration post earlier last week.

She suggested I write about why we always insist about talking about the weather. It is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. It’s kind of mad but also says a lot about the diverse range of weather we get in the UK.

As I’ve moved South, I have discovered that it is significantly warmer but not like comfortably warm, more like the heat you get when you get off a plane and you’re wearing black jeans and a jumper. I am certainly not getting used to it yet.

Here are my observations (particularly about British people in a range of weathers):

Rain – Rain is a fairly predictable British weather, however, unless you lived in Lancaster last December (flooding and weekend long blackout), we can usually deal with it. However, being British we insist on these key phrases EVERYTIME IT RAINS: “oh look at the rain”, “isn’t it bad?!”, “typical”.  It’s so typical that we don’t need to comment every time – yet we do. Weirdos.

Sunshine – We really overreact to sunshine. I mean, we really overreact. We can’t just enjoy it, we have to savour it by having a huge all dayer and fashioning a tomato shade of red or mild sunstroke and suffering for the next few days afterwards. As I discovered when sat with friends in Paris last bank holiday weekend, the phrase “it’s too hot” is said within 10 minutes of sitting in sunshine. We don’t deal with it well.

Snow – Christ on a bike – the British and snow go together as well as chalk and cheese. We do not know what to do, how to deal with it, and while it’s nice and pretty for the first 24 hours, we spend about a week living in grey sludge. Trains can’t function, schools shut down and buses – don’t even talk to me about buses.  All I can conclude, is for the one week maximum that it snows each year – we go fucking ape shit about snow.

To conclude, it’s very notable how much our mood changes due to the weather but as we are very typically British – we need stable, predicable weather. We probably deal best with an overcast skyline with a  bit of drizzle thrown in for familiarity or else we lose our minds.

Positive of the day: I spent the day being a London tourist with one of my best friends in the world!