…is going home!

I will not pretend that I’m 100% loving life in the south. It’d probably put it at about 85% which is pretty good considering all the changes that have happened in the past month.

I will also not lie in that I’ve had days where I really thought I could burst into tears at any second and had the horrible feeling that the dreaded D word was creeping back into my life.

I spoke to two people who reminded me of two important things: 1) my mum said it was fine to cry and that I should let it out if I’m feeling sad. 2) my best friend reminded me that it’s okay to be homesick. 

I suppose I get caught up in my own opinion of myself so often that I think that because it was my decision to come here, I’m not allowed to miss home.

Home will always be where my family is, where my best friends from school are, where my cat is, where my childhood memories are, and where my favorite football team. I do think about home a lot and really miss all of those things.

So this weekend, I’m going back home to try and cure this homesickness for a few more weeks until I see those things again.

Just like crying, homesickness is not a sign of weakness. It’s just another way of my mind reminding me that I’m really lucky that I have two places that I can call home now and I can’t have them at the same time but they’ll always be there.

In those oh so famous words of Dorethy from the Wizard of Oz ‘there’s no place like home.’

Positive of the day: One of my best friends passed a really important exam and I’m so proud of them!