…to grab, touch or grope anyone on a night out.

Last night, I was back home and so went to my favourite place ever – Preston town. I went with 2 beautiful girls who are incredibly hot and obviously attracted lots of male attention. However, I got part way through the night and just thought – how many times have I had to pull myself away from someone who has grabbed my waist, shoulders to dance with them? I had to tell a couple of guys that it wasn’t okay to touch my bum and worst of all, cup my boob. It hadn’t even occurred to them that it was sexual harassment.
Unfortunately, sexual harassment is still rife in the 21st century. In 2016, we’re still reminding people ‘hey, that’s not okay!’

I went to the toilets and spoke to some other women who were experiencing the same thing. They had been swarmed all night by men and  unwanted attention.

It made the night such hard work. I felt like I was constantly telling people, no and was pulling my friends away from creepy guys who wouldn’t leave them alone.

It put a real strain on the night and made me hyper aware how much this is still happening. 

Please, please, please, if you experience anything like this – don’t brush it off as something that ‘just happens’. Stand up and say ‘hey that’s  not okay’ and remind whoever is hassling you that they have no right to touch you. It’s sexual harassment.

Positive of the day: I woke up spooning my cat this morning. Home sweet home!