It’s a really strange situation, ‘coming out’ as it’s known. It’s basically telling the world your not quite like they thought you were.

This post is for my many LGBTQIAL+ friends out there. I have so much respect for you and also have such admiration that you stood up one day and said ‘this is who I am.’

I had a really strange thought while writing this post, thinking about if you had to come out of you were straight. If you had to turn around – to your parents, friends, strangers who you meet on a night out and say – I like guys, not girls.

It’s so hard to envisage that situation because for some reason we are born with the assumption that we’re straight.

I think you can never admire the LGBTQIAL+ community enough for having to challenge that assumption every day of their lives. Against assumptions, beliefs of ‘right and wrong’ (as deluded as this may be), and in some cases against laws.

It’s crazy that in this day and age, there are people who still think that being gay is a phase or something that can be treated.

Next time you see someone who comes out in whatever form they may, make sure to congratulate, acknowledge them and most of all admire their courage of coming out.

Positive of the day: I finally have a  contactless card!