I have so much admiration for you! 

I’ve been sat killing time at Liverpool Lime Street train station for about an hour now and have had plenty of time to people watch. Things I’ve noticed about the ladies of Liverpool are: 

  • They’re incredibly fashionable
  • They’re very well put together
  • They are a force to be reckoned with

Firstly, my fashion sense is very much based on a combination of my bank balance and wherever I don’t need to try on in the shop. It’s often, big baggy and colourful. 

It’s a very hit and miss situation if I’ve bought something on trend or if someone (usually my mum) has pointed it out for me.

Secondly, being well put together takes  effort that I simply can’t be bothered with. Take today for example, my hair is scraped in a bun, I’ve got minimal make up (most of it rolled off my face in the heat) and I’m wearing ripped tights because I couldn’t be bothered to find proper ones this morning and God knows, my legs are not ready to be exposed to the world yet. 

The ladies of Liverpool have a very different approach. Their hair is done, make up is fresh faced and not fazed by the weather. Their legs are tanned and shaved to a ‘I’m your Venus’ standard. Accessories are on point too. Bravo! 

Something about the ladies of Liverpool just screams ‘pristine’ and makes me think, I really should make a bit more of an effort. 

What is more admirable than anything though is the ladies of Liverpool’s attitude. They are feisty and stand up for themselves with no help from anyone else. They embody beyonce in the way they carry themselves so confidently. I’m just in complete awe. 

They’re very proud people, these scousers. There’s a lot we could learn from them. Next time you happen to be in Liverpool, take a look around and see how a SIW is done. Liverpool is full of them! 
Positive of the day: I spent the night with my scouse family last night and it was all part of my work! Bonus 👍🏻