While this new job is exciting and the London lifestyle keeps me busy, I’m not quite sure where I’m meant to fit sleep inbetween it all.

Last night I full on balled at Matt because I was so tired. It was somewhat ridiculous because I’d worked myself up so much that I couldn’t actually get to sleep due to the million and one thoughts going through my head.

This post is more of a plea to those people who somehow can balance a commute, a busy job and a social life and still get minimum 8 hours sleep.

How do you do it? Generic plea because I know full well that a) I get run down very quickly when I’m tired, b) I have horrific mood swings when I’m tired (including lots of tears), c) Matt equally will get no sleep because I’m fidgety and irritable and finally, d) I know it can lead to poor mental health and I can’t afford to do that again.

I want to know your best tips and tricks to manage balancing all these things while staying happy and healthy. Once I’ve gathered a few ideas I’ll do a new post just incase anyone else is struggling too.

Positive of the day: I get to see 4 of my best friends from Uni later because we’ve all ended up in London!