…into our lives.

This post is all about one particular thing that dominates our lives and would probably horrify us all if we knew just how many times we looked at it a day.

Social media is the ultimate liar. It tells us that we’re boring, ugly, makes us feel like we’re missing out or aren’t worthy of posting our ‘unfiltered self’. Have you noticed that Facebook automatically adds a filter to your photos now?

One thing that I hate about FB is the self-loathing you feel everytime your day in on a Friday night without any plans. You sit and look at what others are doing and think ‘why aren’t I doing that?’, ‘why haven’t I been invited?’, ‘why am I so boring?’. The fact is 9 times out of 10 that probably hasn’t happened. 

I bitch about Facebook like i don’t use it daily and don’t post atleast once a day. I really am one of the most active social media users I know. However, I really have tried to change the way I use it. I want Facebook to be both a positive and honest space.

I’m going to use two examples of posts I like to avoid:

1) ‘Lauren – 😦

Amy – what’s wrong Hun?

Lauren – meh, I don’t wanna talk about it.’

^ these kind of post aggravate me because while some people are only Facebook friends, you have access to atleast 200+ people who could give you advice and make you feel better.

I was so overwhelmed when I posted about my homesickness a week or so ago. I had so many nice messages offering support, advice and just kind words. I hadn’t even considered it a cry for help but just by being honest, it allowed me to share my problems. As the famous saying goes ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. I never hesitate to talk about how I’m feeling on social media anymore because my FB friends are so quick to respond and create that positive safe space for me to talk about why I feel that way.

The second type of post I hate and am also guilty of is:

2) ‘Lauren [insert some posed and filtered picture of a group of people] Goals.

11 people like this post’

The term ‘goals’ suggests that we should aspire to like these people. This is the kind of post I see when I’m on my own on a Friday night eating a ready meal with the cat or cuddling a cushion. It’s the type of post that makes us have that self-loathing FOMO feeling. If I’m honest, there’s nothing wrong with this kind of post as such – it’s just the kind of post that’ll make me want to take a picture of my cat , put a filter on it to pretend I’m totally okay with being sat inside on a Friday night.

I truly believe if we were a bit more honest on Facebook/ Instagram then we would not have half of the self-esteem issues we do. I challenge you – next time your feeling down, just tell the world why and I guarantee atleast 5 other people will have felt that way to!

When we’re having a boring Friday night, just accept it. We don’t judge you for just having no plans one night. It doesn’t make you boring, it just means your as human as the rest of us.

Positive of the day: it’s Friday! Need I say more? I plan to catch up on sleep ALL weekend!