Last night I was good drunk. It took a lot of restraint and a few waters inbetween drinks but I haven’t woken up in despair about a hangover or my bank balance.

I thought I’d write this post more out of curiosity to see if anyone else has as many drunken alter egos as myself. Some I hate and would quite like to delete from my range of drunken personalities, others I quite like.

1) Strictly Lauren – this tends to happen with two of my best friends, Kris and Matt. It’s when I get a certain level of drunk that I somehow transform into a strictly come dancing super star. I would hate to see CCTV of me the next day because in my head, Glen Goodman is giving me a 10.

2) Stranger Befriender Lauren – I think everyone is the loveliest person ever. Usually I’m in the toilets and I’ve found someone to have a chat to. I’ve had many intense convos with toilet cleaners.

3) Northern Lauren – Matt tells me about this one the most. It’s when my northern accent comes out in such force that everything just translates as pies and gravy to anyone speaking me with me.

4) Sensible Lauren – oh I wish you existed more often sensible Lauren. It’s when I ask for water at the bar and decide to skip the shot of tequila. This does not happen often enough.

5) Irish Lauren – I was taught about an ‘Irish goodbye’ a couple of years ago and realized that I have been doing this all too often. It’s when you take yourself home or to bed without telling anyone. 

6) Explorer Lauren –  this often happens in a large club. Usually about 3 floors. I spend a lot of my night aimlessly wandering around and exploring the area. The Warehouse in Preston is great for this – why not enjoy a bit of heavy metal with my pop punk?

7) Priority F Lauren – I would say my most prominent version of drunken Lauren. The thought of food has taken over my mind so much that I don’t even know why I’m consuming anymore alcohol. There’s a pizza with my name on it somewhere and I must have it immediately.

8) The world needs to see this Lauren – anywhere with a podium or stage and I’m thinking, this is where I need to be. No, no Lauren – you do not.

9) KO’d Lauren – only a privalidged few have seen me in this state. This one I reserve for special occasions and will haunt me for the rest of my drinking life.

10) Emotional Lauren – who hasn’t been there? Drinking your emotions away never works. This one I’m far more aware of now after the big D hit my life and I try not to drink if I’m feeling sad because let’s face it – no one wants their night ruined by a cry baby.

Positive of the day: I went to the gym yesterday after Matt bribed me. I’m going tonight too!