Last week I did a post about how I am struggling to keep up with the pace of London life.

In that post I asked for your help and you all most certainly delivered. A special thank you to Emily and Mica for their great advice and sharing their first hand experience of how they maintain their wellbeing while keeping up with the fast pace of London life.

Drawing on everyone’s tips and tricks, I’ve put together 5 things I’m going to attempt to implement in the coming weeks:

Tip #1 comes from Emily:

If I am overwhelmed on work and super tired I try and go to bed at a set time, maybe a bit earlier than usual, write a long list of what I need to do (in priority order) and leave it to get up earlier the next day. Then try and relax before sleeping!

I think trying to put your mind at rest when you know what’s coming next can be pretty impossible. Having a plan of how to tackle the day might just let you hit the hay a little quicker.

Tip #2 comes from Mumma G:

Just make sure that you take the time you need to recouperate when you can. It’s a totally different pace of life down there. Not so bad if you are getting paid megabucks for the extra hassle but when you are not it can soon run you down so don’t try to keep up with it all. Find some time for you …. even if it’s just to sleep!

My mum knows me very well and is very aware of how I tend to tackle things at 100 miles an hour. The last thing you need to do is make yourself so tired that you become unwell. Naps are the way forward!

Tip #3 comes from Mica:

AAh I know the feeling! It’s quite overwhelming moving to London isn’t it?! There’s always so much to do and you get FOMO! At first I thought I was missing out but I find that I just need to keep at least one night in the week free from doing anything to just relax! Things calm down after a couple of months though!

Wednesday is officially going to be my do nothing night and I can’t wait already!

Tip #4 is from a colleague at work:

Make sure your taking back your overtime in TOIL. You need it when your doing late nights and early mornings.

For anyone who works quite unusual hours for time to time, this ones for you. I always feel a bit awkward asking for it but you have to make sure you get ‘you time’ back!

Tip #5 comes from yours truly:

Never underestimate how important sleep is to your mental health. Make sure to question why you’re not getting to sleep or why you’re waking up constantly in the middle of the night. If I’d have questioned why I was getting so little sleep, I may identified something was up with my mental health before  I was forced to recognise it months later.

I’m hoping that by implementing a few of these tips and tricks, I’ll start to get my energy back. Matt told me I slept like a log last night so I may potentially already be on the mend!

Positive of the day: I drew Andrew in the bake off sweepstake at work. You may aswell hand over the money now!