Today’s post topic was suggested by one of my best friends Leigh. It is more like a challenge to see what I would come up with and I would love to hear what 3 characters you all come up with too!

The point of the challenge is you pick 3 fictional characters from any form – books, TV or film – that you feel best reflects yourself.

So here goes…

1) Bridget Jones from the Bridget Jones Diaries.
Quite seriously, I do feel like every single time Bridget Jones embarrasses herself horribly, I can’t help but think, I’ve done that. She is a happy go lucky woman who just wants to be independent, successful and respected and sometimes life just gets in the way of it all. I live for granny pants and drinking a whole bottle of wine on my own while eating a full block of cheese. The thing I love about Bridget, is when she embarrasses herself, she gets up and shrugs it off with a little smile.

2) Nick Miller from New Girl
Nick Miller is the face of anti-adulthood. He has moments of absolute inspiration and goes with it however stupid it may be. He starts things and doesn’t finish them and eventually comes to the conclusion he is very happy being an all round average guy. He is so immature but also means well in whatever he does. I’d like to think I’m Nick Miller in that, I know I’m never going to do anything remarkable but I like to think I amuse people by trying.

3) Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda
This one was kindly suggested by my boyfriend. He has a point though and I do think that a little bit of Bruce lives within me every time I walk past any kind of food I like. Everyone remembers that famous scene in Matilda when Mrs Trunchball punishes him for eating a slice of chocolate cake, and he is forced to eat the a huge chocolate cake in front of the whole school. When  he looks like he is about to give up and cannot eat anymore, Matlida shouts ‘YOU CAN DO IT BRUCE’ and he powers through to the very end.

Matt always takes the piss whenever I see any food I remotely like and try to buy it. He’s tried to shame me into not buying it or going ‘you’ve just had your tea’, or ‘you can’t have cake for breakfast’ and I turn around, like Bruce and eat it victoriously without a cake in the world. Yes, I am 100% like Bruce.

I would love to hear your three or even if you think I’m totally missing someone and should add a 4th fictional character.

Positive of the day: I had a great weekend seeing loads of my favourite people all in one place.