Today is my birthday so I’m going to go for a short post today! 

Birthdays are a strange celebration. I remember talking to Matt a couple of weekends ago as he was buying his parents a wedding anniversary card. I always find it really weird that his family don’t really celebrate birthdays and so I found it strange that they do celebrate a wedding anniversary.

My family are very different. We’ve always made a big deal out of birthdays  – especially my Dad! He let me eat chocolate for breakfast, we’d always have a catapillar cake and he just went out of his way to make sure it felt like the greatest day. 

Matt’s argument was that being married for 17 years is more of an achievement than just being born however, I disagree. I think birthdays are a celebration of one person and a chance for everyone to appreciate them for just one day a year. It’s not an achievement, it’s just an oppertinity for someone to feel like they’re valued by their friends and family in someway or another. It doesn’t have to be with presents or cake, or even chocolate for breakfast. It’s just a way of wishing them some sort of happiness. 

As someone who really didn’t feel very happy for a little while and forgot what it was like to feel happy – birthdays still mean a lot to me. So, I think I’m gonna wish myself a happy birthday and make the most of the fact that I am actually very happy now a days.

Positive of the day: it’s my birthday! I’m gonna devour some cake Bruce style later! 🎂