How many times a year do declare you need to lose weight? Get fit? Get that bikini body ready for summer? I would say I declare it atleast once a week. However as you can see from my ‘plumpy’ figure – there’s not been much progress. 

My height is both a blessing and a curse. 1) I still get complimented that I’m cute quite regularly due to my size but 2) it’s very easy to notice when I’ve put on weight. I’m that sense, when people call me cute – I think it’s meant more like a cute hamster and not actually that cute at all. 

I have been through various minimally used gym memberships and have also endevoured to do about two outside runs a year. It’s safe to say, I am not in the prime of my physical fitness.

I’ve tried variously forms of bribery and blackmail too. Matt and I have now got a deal if I don’t go to the gym twice a week, I have to put £5 in our pot. We have a similar agreement if he doesn’t iron his shirts. The pot has received £10 in the last two weeks.

It’s all very simple. If I want to lose weight just go to the gym but when it comes to it – I have 0 motivation. 

I know I’m not alone. There’s a reason why gym memberships tend to have a large boost around January. However by March the same loyal gym goers who were there through December are still lifting weights and running on the treadmill.

Exercise has a huge link to happiness. When we exercise, it releases certain chemicals in your brain that essentially makes you feel good. I really should go. I should.

The motivation factor still isn’t there. What I need from you lovely readers, is ideas of how to get motivated for exercise. Quite seriously, I’ve tried a lot of things so any suggestion would be appreciated! 

Positive of the day: I went to work feeling pretty low yesterday and came out feeling much happier! I think that shows I’m working in a really good place.