Apologies for my lack of posts for the last few days, however I’ve got a pretty good excuse! I’ve been in Dublin with two of my best friends for a girly weekend away.
This weekend, I’ve laughed, sung my heart out, lost my voice and suffered from some pretty appalling hangovers.
I think if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this weekend, it’s just to embrace the time you have with your friends. Be as weird as you can be while you’ve got time to act silly, and do stupid things because life is just far to serious and you need to just act like a child for a little while to keep you sane. 
Here’s a few highlights from the weekend:

1) singing to a Disney mash up in a packed pub in an Irish bar

2) finding ‘thee burger to cure all hangovers’

3) watching Lizzie’s incredible dance moves and then seeing her complain the next day because she forgot ‘how low’ she got last night

4) watching the vast range of facial expressions Jess can make  

5) literally laughing from start to finish all weekend


Positive of the day: We go home tomorrow which is sad, but we move in to our new flat officially!