… isn’t always something to be proud of!

Today is the first voluntary sick day I’ve taken in about 2 years. When I say voluntary, it’s not out of choice but it’s also because I’ve recognised I need to give myself a day to get better and stop trying to ‘power through’.

I remember the day I got sent home from work in February. I remember thinking, ‘shit this must be bad’. The words not fit for work stuck in my head and it took me so long to accept that actually, I’ve not been fit for work for a while.

I know so many people who have come to work ill when they should be home. I know so many people who make themselves worse because they don’t feel like they can have time to look after their own wellbeing.

It’s a simple question, do you live to work or do you work to live? If your answers not the second one then you have got your priorities wrong. Have you ever noticed that teachers always get sick in the holidays? They always ignore the symptoms until it’s a full blown illness just when you should actually be relaxing.

I ignored symptoms of mental illness for about 6 months before it came and slapped me in the face and I was forced to take time off to get better.  Even last night, Matt suggested I take today off and I was adiment that I couldn’t because I haven’t been in the office since last week. It was only when Matt gave me a look similar to Judge Judy on a case that I realised how stupid I sounded.


I am so conscious of my own health and how easily I can run myself down and so I am prioritizing my wellbeing over everything else. I beg that you do the same and don’t feel like powering through is your only option. Take it from someone who knows, if you don’t give yourself a break and some real time to get better, you might just find that you’ve done yourself more harm than good.

Positive of the day: I had a really lovely catch up with my Mum before (who is ironically sounding very ill at work – have a day off woman) and I get to see her in 2 weeks!

Quick Note: If anyone has anymore blogspiration ideas, keep them coming. I loved the last lot!