With just 1 day to go before one of the most anticipated thrillers of the year comes to our screen, I thought I’d do a bit of a different post today.

The girl on the train is about a woman who completes the same journey, in and out of London, every single day. The book revolves around her observations and the day she sees something quite unexpected, is forced to get off the train and face up to the realities of what she has seen.

I’m trying my very best not to give anything away incase a)  you want to see the film or what I’d most recommend is b) actually reading the book.

As I sit on trains most days lately, I thought I’d actually have a look outside the window for once and not stare at my phone for the whole time.

Rachel, the anti-hero of the novel, provides us with so much unreliable narration that makes us question her foregone conclusions throughout the whole story. In the same way, my narration of my journey this morning is also relatively fictitious because unfortunately, the 8.02 to Clapham Junction is really not that exciting.

My favourite part of the journey is where we were held at East Croydon for a couple of minutes and a flurry of people started running down the ramp towards the train. I could only imagine that they had a sudden change of platform as the array of facial expressions ranged between panicked to simply pissed off.

Some ran like it was the last train they could possibly catch , while some strolled as if they knew that the train would wait for them. Some had simply given up, they walked slowly towards the train, looked up at the board and decided today was not going to be their day.

I started trying to imagine what the rest of the day was like. Who they were, what they did for a living and most intriguingly, where they were going. I thought about those sprinting to catch the train and thought about how important their day was that they decided to run full pelt at a train with seconds to go. Maybe they were just impatient and just couldn’t stand waiting on a platform – in limbo between place A and place B.

Being the girl on the train makes your day far more interesting when you use the outside world as a narrative. It just makes the 8.02 train to Clapham that bit more bearable, because let’s face it, those sprinting for the train probably just wanted to get to work so they could come home at a reasonable time. Those taking their time about things had probably decided that they just couldn’t quite face work just yet and would spend a little longer on the platform today.

It’d be cool to see if you have any good Girl on the train experiences yourself. I’d love to share a few on a later post.

Positive of the day: We have finally had our furniture delivered to our new flat (after a bit of an ordeal earlier in the week)  and so we will officially be moving in tomorrow!