Those readers living in Lancashire, particularly located near Preston New Road on the Kirkham by-pass will understand exactly what I mean by ‘frack off’.

This particular site is located about 10 minutes away from my home town and looks over the views of the countryside with Blackpool tower in the distance. It’s your typical countryside view and isn’t anything you’d consider making a real fuss of, however when the people of Lancashire heard it was going to be the subject of a huge drill looking for shale gas, we started to treasure our little country side view a lot more.

Fracking, put in the simplest of terms, is taking a huge drill, sticking it far into the ground and pumping lots of water and sand into the holes in order to try and force shale gas back out. 

Yesterday, despite the council doing a thorough investigation and voting NO to fracking, with the support of much of the community, the government decided to overturn the decision.

Why is this a bad thing? Well there are many reasons really:

1) The council listened to its people and made a decision on behalf of the whole county. The government have overturned this decision reflecting that they care very little for the opinions of  local communities and those who will be effected most by the fracking.

2) Fracking is a noisy and busy business. A huge hydraulic drill won’t be quiet and locals have to live with it. It will also bring a lot of traffic through the surrounding towns. No one likes a traffic jam.

3) The government have chosen to invest in another ‘dirty fossil fuel’ instead of sustainable energy. We only have so many resources, why do we insist on ruining our planet for profitable gain? 

4) It’s an eye sore that no one asked for. Imagine having to look out on a huge fracking site everyday when you used to have vast countryside. Imagine you had to look out on it EVERYDAY.

5) This will not be the first fracking decision that will be overturned. Expect to see these fracking sites popping up all over the country from now on.

It feels like there’s not much we can do about this – and there’s nothing like having a councils decision overturned after an appeal by a huge fracking company to make you realise that unfortuatley we don’t have much of a say in our own communities anymore.

If, like me, you feel angry about the governments decision, write to your local MP! I certainly will – even if it’s just another lost voice amongst the masses. 

Positive of the day: I’m finally moving into my new flat today!