Today is World Mental Health day. A fantastic day where the awareness of mental illness is raised all around the world and people are working together to break the stigma that surrounds mental health in our society.

I’ve been thinking all day about what angle I could write this post from. I obviously spend a lot of this blog talking about mental health. Mental health is so complex but yet still so misunderstood.

1 in 4 people will experience some sort of mental health issue in the next year. This is something very real and prominent in our society and unfortunately the figures of reported mental illnesses are rising every single day.

Our mental health is something that is very fragile and we really should not take it for granted. The key to improving mental health is to start to accept it and embrace those experiencing it. There is nothing worse than admitting your struggling when everyone else is just getting on and getting by and ignoring the problem.

For too long mental health has been shunned and joked about. It is not something that we can just ‘get over’ and ignore. We have to work together to break the stigma surrounding mental health. It’s no coincidence that depression has been nicknamed the ‘silent disease’. It isn’t something that you can see, and quite often isn’t something you’ll hear about. We don’t talk about it enough.

How can we ask people to come forward and say when they feel helpless if we don’t speak up and offer help.

I saw something fantastic today from an old colleague of mine, Tom. He essentially posted on his Facebook that he wanted to help people who felt like they were suffering and to come talk to someone – offering his help. He addressed the idea of ‘being a man’ wasn’t about hiding your emotions. We need more people to speak up and offer a helping hand to those who just need someone to listen.

I want everyone to give mental health a voice, just like Tom, because God knows, if we don’t, we might just be too late to help those suffering in silence.

Positive of the day: I love that there is a day dedicated to tackling the stigma around mental health. However, it is my personal aim to make sure Mental Health Day is everyday!