I had a weird week this week. I didn’t really feel like I wanted to blog because I think I’d only be pretending that I was feeling positive, when really I was struggling a little.

It’s not that anything has particularly happened, I just was feeling a little down and while the point of this blog is to find the positives in everyday, the last thing you should do is pretend that you’re okay when your not.

I think we do this to often. Pretend that you’re okay when really you’re not. Instead of just speaking to someone, I hid away most of the week. I let my feelings build up and ended up having one really emotional night full of tears and irrational thoughts mid week. My poor boyfriend didn’t really know what had hit him, bless.

I talk about prioritising your mental health so much, but I am a sucker for not taking my own advice a lot of the time. I talk constantly to people and on social media about ways to  look after your mental health but I am terrible for not practicing what I preach. I have decided I’m going to do three things this week to try and turn my mood around and actively stay on top of my moods:

1) See a friend and have a proper night of fun
2) Do some exercise (it does so much for improving your mood yet I am the worst at making myself go to the gym)
3) Clear my head with a walk when I’m feeling down (and not just go to bed and sulk)

These steps aren’t ground breaking or hard to do, but I think when you’ve had a bad week, it’s easy to let your mindset take a negative turn. I’m feeling a bit more positive this week and I have a really busy and exciting week at work. I’m going to try and do those three things above and get in a few more blog posts on more positive days.

Positive of the day: This morning we went to IKEA and I bought my favourite cake ever – the Daim Bar Cake!