As much as I love my Mum, this post is not dedicated to her. This is in fact dedicated to all of my ‘work mummies’ and the appreciation that has grown through working with several selfless and incredible Mum’s over the past few months.

I think it’s important to note (mainly for my own boyfriends sanity) that I am not looking to become a Mum anytime soon. However, I love kids and am planning to be a mum one day.

While I’ve always thought I’ve known what it takes to be a Mum, I’ve not really seen it in action until my baby cousin came along just under a year ago. I watched my rather young aunty turn from an incredible woman to an incredible mother. She coped as her husband’s father passed away, and the whole family was stricken with grief. Despite all the sadness that surrounded her, she has brought up my baby cousin to be nothing but happy and in total awe of the world around her.

Other things I’ve recently learnt about motherhood is the absolutely selflessness that it requires to make your children happy. Today, a good friend at work described how she felt by saying she is ‘only as happy as her saddest child’. She said how she’d cried last night and first thing in the morning because her youngest was upset. She felt each and every tear her child felt, yet when I came into work this morning sniffling from a cold, the first thing she asked me was ‘are you okay?’.

Is that not amazing? The empathy that a mother can feel not only for their child but for everyone around them.

One of my closest friends very sadly lost her mother to a very painful battle to cancer a few years before I met her. I constantly worry that I’m going to say the wrong thing or put my foot in my mouth when it comes to Mother’s day or Christmas or birthdays. She copes so well and I think she is incredible for how brave she is to this day.

I most definitely take my Mum for granted and do not tell her how often I love her. However, as I’ve said, this post is not just for my Mum but all the other Mum’s I know who fight every day for their kids. That put each and everyone of their kids and their pretend kids (like me at work) first.

Finally, I want to end this post with an incredible little win that I saw on Facebook the other day. I’m sure the Mother in subject won’t mind me naming her in this post because she truly needs congratulating on how well she is bringing up her son.

Emily Natasha: So excited for Freddie to go to his first ballet class on Friday, He asked about ballet because he thought only girls could do it.. I showed him pics of Billy Elliot and his face lit up 😍

Mummy’s of the world – I don’t know how you’re doing it, but keep doing what you’re doing because you are all an inspiration to us and how things should be done!

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Positive of the day: I wasn’t very well yesterday so my best friend and my boyfriend tag teamed to give me TLC for the night and made me feel 10x better.