This post is going to be a developing post and I would love your input!

Due to the rise of social media, our generation seems to suffer something known as ‘FOMO’, standing for Fear Of Missing Out. In a world of humble brags and every platform of social media possible, it’s no wonder that our generation is one of the worst effected by mental health issues for years.

So I had this idea, why don’t we do a ROMO to every FOMO we have? The reality of missing out. It’s the Doctor Pepper, ‘what’s the worst that can happen moment’…

For example:

FOMO – What if I don’t go out to tonight? What if I meet the love of my life? What if it’s the greatest night of my life?
ROMO – I didn’t go out, so I saved money, didn’t embarrass myself in front of the guy I like and feel fine today.







So there you have it… I want your input and I’ll re-edit this post next week so get commenting!

Positive of the day: I had a really positive conversation with my manager at work about MH today and how they’re looking to support me in the next month or so.