So last week, I wrote a post that I said I was going to develop called ‘FOMO vs ROMO’ and I want to thank people who liked it and have contributed.

The concept came about through listening to Radio 1 a couple of Saturday’s ago, where Matt Edmundson (someone I usually find very annoying) was doing a feature called ‘FOMO vs ROMO’ so I’ll give him credit where it is due. Cheers Matt Edmunson!

‘FOMO’, stands for Fear Of Missing Out and ‘ROMO’ stands for Reality of Missing Out. So I had this idea, why don’t we do a ROMO to every FOMO we have?

For example:
FOMO – What if I don’t go out to tonight? What if I meet the love of my life? What if it’s the greatest night of my life?
ROMO – I didn’t go out, so I saved money, didn’t embarrass myself in front of the guy I like and feel fine today.

——————————————————————————————-PART 2

Here’s what I came up with a week of thinking about it and a few of your ideas:

  1. A FOMO about our favourite social media sites:
    FOMO: OMG. My phone’s dead – what if I miss out on some serious drama on Facebook, or Twitter, or Insta? What about my snapchat streak?
    ROMO: I’m going to kill myself trying to find a charger to see the same gym selfie and shit roast dinner. And snap chat streaks – am I 14?
  2. A FOMO about dating:
    FOMO: What if I get there and they stand me up? What if they think I’m ugly? What if we have nothing to talk about?
    ROMO: If you don’t go you’ll never know the answer to all of these questions and you’ll be annoyed that you missed out on a free dinner.
  3. A FOMO about lads/ girls holidays:
    FOMO: I’m going to miss out on some great banter with the lads/ girls. I will have so many bikini photos. Holiday romance – sunshine!
    ROMO: If I don’t go, I’ll have a lot more money, probably not get sunburn and won’t have to go to the gym for the next 6 months trying to get a beach body.
  4. A FOMO courtesy of Rebecca Ryan on going out:
    FOMO: You’ll never know you might have a good time if you go out??
    ROMO: I know for an ABSOLUTE fact I will have a cracking night in watching Game of Thrones – Cyaaa!!
  5. A FOMO about going to the doctors when you have a Mental Health issue:
    FOMO: What if they don’t believe me? What if they say I’m being stupid? What if they say nothings wrong? I should just stay at home.
    ROMO: They spent 5+ years studying these things – they won’t send you away. It’s the best thing to do right now.
  6. A FOMO courtesy of my darling Matthew:
    FOMO: There is a 500/1 request a bet that has gotta be worth a quid. Maybe even a fiver. What if this is the one time that Glen Johnson scores?
    ROMO: There’s no fucking way Glen Johnson is scoring from outside the area.
  7. A FOMO about being house proud:
    FOMO: What if they come round and think we live like pigs? What if they think we’re disgusting?
    ROMO: They will come, drink our beer, eat our food and shit in our toilet. No one cares if you cleaned on Saturday night.
  8. A FOMO about missing a day time event (and pulling a sickie):
    FOMO:  Everyone’s going to be there. Work won’t even know. I will miss out on so many inside jokes. I will miss out on so many photo ops.
    ROMO: Other people have work to. The people who are going booked it off work and those photo ops will end up on Facebook and get you sacked. Not worth it.
  9. A FOMO about missing an episode.
    FOMO:  Spoilers. Spoilers everywhere. I don’t need sleep. I won’t be able to talk to anyone at work tomorrow if I don’t know how it ends.
    ROMO: I’d surprised if it hasn’t been leaked anyway. You’ll be grumpy, unproductive and you will probably be pissed off at the ending anyway. RECORD OR CATCH UP.
  10. A FOMO about taking antidepressants.
    FOMO:  What if they make me worse? I don’t need them anyway. Maybe they’re the reason I feel like this?
    ROMO: If you don’t take them, you will get worse. The doctor prescribed them for a reason. If you want to come off them – consult your doctor first. You probably aren’t in the best state of mind to make medical decisions right now. Trust the experts.
ru paul
If all else fails, work it like a drag queen on the runway!

So there you have it… If you think of anymore, I’ll add to it in the future but every time you feel anxious and get FOMO, try and get your ROMO ready to fight those negative feelings.


Positive of the day: I had a housewarming, drank and didn’t turn into an emotional mess. I also met my borrowed doggy called Rufus who I love and is now my new best friend.