I’ve been having a bit of weird week this week. For one reason or another, I’ve felt a little anxious and have been teary on most days. I have been told every day that I need to calm down or slow down and it had got me thinking – why do we carry on like normal when nothing is normal in our heads?We are after all human beings not human doings.

However, in this pressurised society where we work to live, we suffer from FOMO, we watch other people just ‘get on with it’ constantly – we feel like we have to keep going regardless of how we feel.

I’m not ashamed to say that I have never recovered from my depression without taking some time off work or in the last relapse, quitting my job all together. I’m trying desperately to stay in work at the moment because I feel like I’m in a good headspace but I know if it all gets too much, I need to march down to the doctors and have a little time off.

I’m very proud of how I’m handling my depression and anxiety this time round, but it doesn’t always get easier especially when I try and being a ‘human doing’ and not a ‘human being’.

When it’s all getting too much, I always try and put myself in someone else’s shoes looking on the outside at myself; what advice would I give to my best friend if they were doing what I’m doing? What advice would I give if it was my sister, brother or Mum and Dad? It’s sometimes worth taking another perspective to work out if you’re just trying to carry on for you or for someone else?

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that we weren’t put on this planet to ‘do’, we were put on this planet to be happy and make others happy. I’m no philosopher, but that’s truly what I believe.


Positive of the day: Chelsea won the league last night so I have a happy boyfriend. It’s Eurovision tonight, so I’m a happy excited Lauren today!