Dear BBC News,

I really appreciate your coverage of the election and particularly of question time but one particular thing has really upset me this morning.

As I see the reaction to this poor woman pouring her heart out on national television (30:45) about her experience of mental health care, capability work assessment and the struggles she has with her physical health, I start to read the comments underneath the video on Facebook.

On the whole, they are pretty positive – most people commending the woman for her bravery on coming out to defend her rights. Many criticizing May for not apologizing to woman or offering a solution to adults. On a whole, I felt like she answered the question okay-ish.

The thing that really upset me was the few comments dismissing this woman – accusing her of faking her illness; shaming her for not being able to work but turning up to this debate; another ‘scammer’ of the system.

I’ve spent the morning trying to reply to these ‘trolls’ and ignorant people who show mental health stigma has not been defeated yet, however, I decided that it was not worth my time.

Mental health is one of the biggest issues to hit this society. If you don’t understand it, that’s great – because you haven’t experienced it and I really hope you never will.

Please feel free to share because you never know – one of those trolls might just see it and it might save me scrolling through the other hundreds of comments on that feed.

Positive of the day: I’ve just discovered my new favourite song by The King Blues. It’s called Tory is a four letter word.