You’ll never know just what you want to do 
Or where you wanna go, I think it’s time 
That you found what the world is waiting for 
I think it’s time to get real!

I’ll take you back to the song that started this blog, that this whole thing was written for and about and why I did it. I can listen to it time and time again and it’s weird because I can still find new meaning and new ways to relate to it. 

Today I had some pretty hard to swallow news after a month of hard to swallow things (don’t you dare make a dirty joke out of that, I’m serious). It’s easy to be angry, it’s easy to be sad and it’s easy to blame someone else. However, today I don’t blame anyone.

I think in a pretty scary world, where we blame each other a lot. I mean A-L-O-T. Look at the news and the media for a quick and easy example. Sometimes you’ve just got to hold your head up high, walk out the door and just try and make the world a better and nicer place for everyone.

I’m going to see where the wind blows me next and hope for a little less of a storm in the next few months.


Positive of the day: I’m going to Glastonbury tomorrow!