Good morning, I’m up nice and early due to my body insisting that I don’t need 8 hours sleep (or 6 as it turns out – not bad for me to be honest).

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while but I’ve not really felt in the mood to do it for several reasons. 1) I lost my job, 2) I felt pretty angry about it for a while and 3) this post means reflecting on it and I wasn’t ready to do that yet.

During the last couple of months, I’ve been having a pretty tough time and I was trying to function at work (pretty unsuccessfully). My friend, Jess, bought me a ‘daily journal’ book for Christmas that comes complete with to do lists, note sections and daily objectives.

I used the notes and to do section to write my lists of things I needed to do for work however, I decided the daily objectives should be for me. I just wrote down a few words everyday to try and keep me going on the worst days and try to boost me on the best ones!

I thought I’d share them with you so I can kind of close that door:

11/05 – Keep calm, don’t cry!
12/05 – SLOW DOWN…
15/05 – You can get through today.
16/05 – Smile your way through a bad day 🙂
17/05 – BLANK
18/05 – Just keep swimming
22/05 – Keep calm and carry on. Deep breaths okay?
23/05 – Stay strong
24/05 – Today will be positive
25/05 – Remember you are not the worst case scenario today
26/05 – Almost the weekend
30/05 – It’s only a ruddy 4 day week!
31/05 – HUMP DAY
01/06 – BLANK
02/06 – One day more
05/06 – Bee strong, bee humble, bee you! (with a picture of a bee)
06/06 – Breath slow, it’s only a half day.
07/06 – When life rains on your parade, you’ve gotta dance in the puddles.
08/06 – Today is practically fake Friday. Good times ahead!
09/06 – Annual leave!
12/06 – Oh Monday, you’re a pain!
13/06 – Lava Day!
14/06 – Hang in  there little one (who;s not so little anymore),
15/06 – ILL
16/06 – One more day…
19/06 – Stay strong, stay positive


Positive of the day: It’s Matt’s birthday today and I can’t wait to spoil him rotten!