Good morning everyone! I’m back in Surrey after trying to have some downtime at home. I decided late in the day yesterday that I was going to drive back home and so ended up driving through the night singing my little heart out in my Citroen C1.

One song came on that sounded so perfect at the moment and once again very conveinently fit my situation and life quite well.

The song is Vitamin C by Clean Cut Kid. The story behind it is, the lead singer saw his wife full of a cold at their breakfast table and decided to start singing to her that he could be her Vitamin C as she sipped on her orange juice. The whole song was meant to be a bit of joke between a man and his wife, but it turned out to be a really lovely song.

The lyrics go:
If the sun don’t rise like it’s supposed to
You build a wall you won’t let me get close to you
I’m gonna’ be your Vitamin C
Build you back up the way you used to be
If your life ain’t happening how you planned it
I feel your pain I can understand it
I’m gonna’ be your Vitamin C
If you get lonely you can just turn to me

I’d suggest you listen to it because it’s actually super catchy and just an all round lovely song.

Ironically, I’ve been taking Vitamin C supplements for the past couple of months because my immune system has been incredibly susceptible to any sort of illness. However, I was listening to the lyrics last night in the car and it took me back to a really early conversation in my relationship.

Matt told me at the age of about 20 that he couldn’t fix me; he could support me but he couldn’t be the one to make everything better. I remember thinking, how on earth could I be with someone who wouldn’t make everything better when I was sad? It’s only in the past year (4 years after that conversation), that I realise, he has been supporting me and by doing that he has been fixing me bit by bit. He’s my vitamin C.

He’s not the only one, I have many vitamins in my life that fix me up and get me back to where I want to be especially when I am susceptible to illness – mental or physical.

It’s so important to make sure you know who your Vitamin C’s are and if you don’t feel like you’ve got one – I’m here! I owe a few people a fair few vitamin boosts after the amount of support I’ve been given in the past few years.

‘I’m gonna’ keep you safe, keep you warm
I’m gonna’ be here, the Vitamin C
Be the blood running through your veins
Only used to be you but now it’s you and me
No need to be, need to be lonely’


Positive of the day: I’m home and I’m feeling pretty healthy today!