This concept is stolen from’s excellent Facebook marketing. They know their market alright – so credit to them both for the concept and the inspiration.

After yesterday’s rather sad post, I thought we’d have a more uplifting one today as we make our way into the weekend.

I, like many other millennials’, am incredibly ambitious, look to self-improve and be an inspiration to others through my actions, words and lifestyle. Unfortunately, I am not very good at it and hence where this blog post comes from. I thought of a few chapters to my autobiography or even possible titles – I hope you enjoy them…

My autobiography will be called: ‘I’ll just eat healthy this week and other lies I tell to myself’

Chapters include
‘Diet starts Monday’
‘I might go for a run today’
‘I probably won’t even drink tonight’
‘I’ve got a budget, it’s fine’
‘I’m just going to take those shoes back, I’m not going to buy anything’
‘I’m going to start using my gym membership’
‘I’m going to delete Facebook’
‘I can cut out carbs’
‘I am totally fine with not going out tonight’
‘It’s fine if he doesn’t text me back’
‘I can fit into that dress’
‘It would be stupid to buy that dress just because it’s a size 8’ (LOL long time ago)
‘I am such an outdoorsy girl’
‘I am going to save so much money this year’
‘I probably really like brown rice and plain chicken’
‘What harm can I do in a gay bar? There will be no one to kiss’

Any other suggestions would be fab!

Positive of the day: Me and Matt are going to Tramlines for the weekend for our mini-holiday!