Have you heard people say: ‘You just can’t help everyone’? Or ‘every cause is a good cause, you can’t support them all’. I find it pretty frustrating that there will always be a worthy cause and I don’t have enough time or money to help them all. Well, this one has been passing me by quite literally for the past year and I thought the least I could do is tell you all about it.

Where I live in Redhill, we walk down a long road to get anywhere. It’s downhill and passes some beautiful houses. I, like many other aspiring house owners, admire the houses and have a cheeky look through the window when I can.

One day, I passed this house and noticed a little boy in the window. Matt said he’d seen him before, and he thought he might be ill because he had a tube in his nose. I didn’t really think anything of it. I suppose, it was easier not to think about it than to try and imagine the pain in that household.

For the next year, I continued to walk past the house, oblivious to what was going on inside. It was only when I started to notice t-shirts in the window of different houses around that I started to put two and two together and did some research.

It turns out they weren’t t-shirts,  they were capes – super hero capes. They read ‘George & the Giant Pledge’. It turns out the little boy in the window is called George, he’s four, and he has cancer.

I read an article in the Surrey Mirror, and his story broke my heart. George is 4, and just like any other 4 year old, he loves to play football, ride his scooter and play with his brother. The biggest difference is that he has cancer, and like any other 4 year old – that’s pretty impossible to comprehend.

The family have called it, ‘Tony the Tumor’ to help him understand and be careful when playing. He and his brother played doctors, where George treated his 7 year old brother as they pretended he had cancer.

Cancer is a terrible and cruel thing. After losing my Grandad last year to a battle with cancer, I know how hard it can be to live and cope with. I cannot even comprehend how a young boy can be so brave in the face of such a terrible thing.

His family have set up the ‘George and the Giant Pledge’ fundraiser to donate money to the Royal Marsden children’s cancer specialist hospital. On it, you can buy capes to demonstrate the superhero George is or buy the charity single ‘the poo song’, that was sung to George in the hospital to cheer him up. Finally, you can make whatever donation you choose to go towards helping young children like George to live as normal a life as possible while fighting a unthinkable illness.

If you want to make your own pledge and support kids like George, then donate here. Alternatively, to follow George’s story, like their Facebook page.

Good luck to George and his family. I’ll be ordering my cape as soon as payday rolls around.


Positive of the day: I start my new job on Tuesday and I’m really excited!