From Kim Kardashian to Paul McKenna, (I’ll explain a little later who he is), this post is all about those modern day heroes that inspire you, make you smile or remind you that actually, we can’t be perfect.

I think that social media does create a lot of modern day heroes. Particularly things like Instagram and Snapchat – we get an insight into peoples lives that we never had before. However, as we all know, this ‘insight’ can be very select, edited and therefore a little dangerous.

Therefore, what I want us to do is think about who we judge to be our modern day heroes. I’m going to let you know who mine are, and then I want you guys to reflect on yours and whether they’re actually a good ‘hero’ to have, or if they’re the kind of ‘hero’ that can actually also be a bit of a villain to your own mental health.

My Modern Day Heroes:

1. Paul McKenna & Graham Alexander: pme

My first modern day heroes are actually my childhood heroes, Paul McKenna and Graham Alexander. Both of which used to play and captain Preston North End, a club I have followed since I was a wee toddler. I used to have a poster of Paul McKenna and Graham Alexander in my room and I had many signed shirts, cards and various North End merchandise. Weirdly enough, I heard Paul McKenna has gone onto manage a low league side and overheard his name on Sky Sports News last week. They created some of my happiest memories as a kid and it’s nice to remember why they were my childhood heroes.

2. Charlotte Crosby:charlotte

Any one who knows me, knows that I love my trash TV. Charlotte Crosby started on a MTV show called Geordie Shore and ever since I have followed her on social media until recently, she has started the Charlotte Show on MTV. I don’t know what it is about her, I think it’s the ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude’/ ‘I do give a fuck, but I also make mistakes sometimes’ that makes her just seem human. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend viewing to my 2 year old niece, but I probably wouldn’t mind her watching it when she’s 17 – just to show that nobody’s perfect and sometimes you’ve just got to laugh about things (or else you’ll cry).

3. Karen Brady:katen
I have recently started doing a course for women called ‘Springboard’ which is essentially about helping give women the confidence to progress in their careers and beyond. We had a wonderful speaker last month who was talking about how we need women to be making the career ladder accessible to other women and not lifting the ladder up to stop more women getting into senior positions. Karen Brady to me, is that woman! She empowers women. She broke the glass ceiling in 1993 by being the first woman to become a managing director of Birmingham FC in the top flight of football. Ever since, she has been an advocate for women and has showed that anything men can do, she can do better and that is exactly the kind of woman that inspires me.

4. Greg James & Zoe Ball: 

In a similar way to Karen Brady, Greg James is also being an advocate for an under represented group – those who suffer with poor mental health. One reason I love him is his humour, cracking taste in music and ridiculous features on the Radio 1 drive time show from 4-7 everyday. His brilliantness isn’t just limited to the radio though. He recently completed the 3 peak challenge with a 500 mile cycle in between each peak against the beast from the east. He’s determined not to let the conversations stop there though, and is a permanent advocate for mental health!


Zoe Ball also recently completed a Sport Relief challenge to support those vulnerable to suicide and poor mental health by cycling from Blackpool (her childhood home) to Brighton (her current home). She lost her boyfriend only a year before to suicide and I just think she’s incredible for doing this challenge because it would be so easy to just let that event consume you. Big love to Zoe!

5. Giovanni Fletcher:
This lady I actually discovered via social media after Tom Fletcher (from Mcfly fame) did an amazing wedding speech singing to her and all of his guests. Since, I have followed Giovanni and essentially, fallen in love with her incredible attitude to life. She shuts down body shamers, promotes Coppa Feel (an amazing charity), shows what it means to be a great mum all while sharing her journey with her adoring fans. I’m happy to be one of them and I’m also happy to call her one of my modern day heroes.

So I suppose what I’m asking you all to do is to reflect on who your modern day heroes are and why. Do they inspire you? Make you want to be a better person? Or do they actually make you feel bad about yourself? Are they a realistic role model? Once you’ve decided who they are, give your news feed/ Instagram a bit of a detox and make sure it’s a place for making you feel good and if its not – uninstall! You don’t need that shit.

obama.gifPositive of the day: I had a great week at work and it’s the weekend!