Hello all,

I’ve been waiting a little while to share my 101th post with you due to a few exciting things that have been happening.

All will be revealed in time, however, the big EXCITING news for now is that Stop The World site is on Instagram and it’s gaining lots of followers daily.

As I’m becoming busier with work, I feel like I neglect my writing sometimes and I don’t want to let anyone down (including myself). Therefore, I thought having an Instagram would be a great way to keep up STW when I’m having busier periods in my life.

This way, you can all still get your STW fix and actually see the face behind the words a little bit more. It also means that it’s more likely to be unedited and therefore probably a little more tragic.

That’s what you’re all after right?

Anyway, I’m current wide awake on Monday morning at 3am due to stupid hay fever and stuffy weather so I’m going to try (desperately) to get some sleep again!

Very excited to stopping the world with you all soon!

Love always,

L x

ball shaped blur close up focus
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

Positive of the day: So many people have already followed the Instagram page, it’s crazy man!