Hello everyone,

What a roller coaster of a month or so it’s been! I have gone from not knowing what will be happening beyond the end of my contact at RHUL to being offered my dream job at FDM Group in London, and starting my own business!

I haven’t been well for a little while due to anxiety about my job – a familiar feeling for many people on a fixed term contract. You always hope it’ll be extended but you know in reality, you will not find out in the timeframes that help you best and at some point you either take a gamble on staying or a gamble on taking another job.

I’m not quite sure the result of my gamble yet, but one thing I do know is it has pushed me to do something I never even dreamt of doing in my lifetime, never mind my twenties – starting my own business!

What is my business you ask? It’s this! It’s trying to do this on a bigger scale with the help of social media (Instagram and Facebook) as well as looking into getting some STW products together.

This, as all my dramatic life changes, seems to have happened at the hardest time of year for me – around my Grandma and Grandad’s anniversary. It’s my Grandma’s anniversary today and it was my Grandad’s last Thursday. It’s been 2 years since they both passed.

Back to business.  Essentially, Stop The Word Site Ltd is a blog that has been written by me over the past 2 and a half years that focuses on mental health and my journey with depression from being diagnosed in 2016 to now.

The blog has been a coping mechanism for me to practice self care but the idea is that I can ‘Stop The World’ and ‘get off’ the world for a little while. For you guys, it’s also been a chance to stop the world too – even if it’s for a minute while you skim the post. Therefore when I think of STW now, it doesn’t belong to just me – it belongs to all of you lot too!

We now have an Instagram and Facebook page to accompany the blog and we are working on a business model similar to social enterprises such as The Blurt Foundation and very successful social media advertising pages such as Uni Lad and Buzz Feed.

We want to promote things that we believe will be helpful for practicing self-care. I’ve been on a journey for two and a half years, and I’ve learnt some things along the way. The more I’ve talked about my mental health, the more conversations have been started and I’ve learnt so much about what does and doesn’t work for me. (I’m still learning though, believe me).

We have an all female board of directors who are made up of some of my best friends who have all had some experience of mental health issues (some worse than others) but we are young, motivated and very passionate about what we’re doing and I’m so excited to see what comes next!

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