It’s 7am in the morning, I’m sat in bed next to my partner who is half asleep but instantly saw the date and stuck ‘Three Lions by the Baddiel & Skinner & The Lightning Seeds’. We have currently listened to the 96′ and 98′ version. Why have I been subjected to this unusual amount of activity from my partner first thing in the morning? The world cup starts today!

Okay, I admit – I’m a huge football fan. Leigh, the creative director of the company, is also a massive football fan. She has been an Aston Villa fan since she was in the womb – I imagine. I am a huge Preston North End fan. I didn’t have much of a choice about it, but I would never even dare to look at another team. It’s part of my identity, who I am, and I’m really proud to be a North End fan.

We’re onto Vindaloo now btw…

Rosie, another director of the company, however, could not give a shit about football, and that’s fair. It’s not for everyone. Though, she will have to, like the rest of the country, put up with the rare spell of patriotism and football hooliganism that will sweep the nation over the next 31 days (or so).

I have recently taken my love of football to the next level, and joined a women’s football team called Reigate Women’s FC.

Why? Well, it was always my dream as a kid to be the first female captain of the England team. I’m not stupid – I know that it probably won’t happen (any time soon – I’m a dreamer, don’t kill my vibe).

The main reason I joined Reigate Women’s FC was because of a wonderful man called Mark Adams, who was looking for a team in the area for his daughter to play for. There was no recreational team in the Reigate and Banstead area – in fact, I don’t think there’s a recreational team in the Surrey area in general.

It started in a park in August 2017 with 3 players. Last night we had 24 (a new PB). I am now the fundraising and social sec. We have an actual club structure and we are looking to play in leagues and tournaments.

The reason I love Reigate Women’s FC is because it helps me stop the world every Wednesday, meet some incredible ladies from every background imaginable, and kick a ball really hard towards a net and then run around like a headless chicken when it goes in (that happened yesterday in a drill and I was so bloody proud of myself)!

I know the World Cup is shit for some and amazing for others like my partner, but if it gets a few more people to our practice on a Wednesday, practicing a bit of self care and stopping the world for an hour each week, then it’s something I’m happy to endorse!

Happy World Cup Day everyone!

Reigate Women FC.jpg

Positive of the day: My boss is letting me work from home today so I can crack on with work. She has been super supportive of me, even though I’m leaving, and my mental health has been challenging to deal with at the moment. Shout out to Rupy for everything you’ve been doing and continue to do!